Thinking about buying a chainsaw?

Thinking about buying a chainsaw?
for the job at hand.

Some equipment however requires very careful thought, for example the chainsaw. Chainsaws, even the most basic models, are serious pieces of equipment and if incorrectly used can cause a major injury, so understanding what you need and how to use it is essential.

When buying a chainsaw there are a few things to keep in mind, firstly think about how you will use it, is it for commercial purposes such as farm work and forestry projects? Or is it to be used for log cutting and pruning trees within the home? If so, going all out on a super-powerful, 20” model that it tough enough to fell the largest of trees may not be necessary! For occasional, small projects, the Husqvarna 321EL 16” chainsaw is ideal, capable of chopping firewood, pruning trees and other small domestic work. What’s more, it is quiet and electric powered so no disturbing the neighbours or messing around with petrol cans.

For residential use, an electric chainsaw is most likely adequate, providing enough power and ease of use for the average user. However, for commercial use a petrol powered chainsaw is probably the better option. Petrol –powered chainsaws are more powerful than their electric counterparts and with the extra power often comes larger blades that are able to make light work of even the toughest materials.

If you use a chainsaw on a regular basis then no doubt you will want something that is comfortable to use, so look for ergonomic handling. A chainsaw that is comfortable to handle can also be used for longer, aiding productivity. With effective ergonomic handling, the machine should allow for improved grip, which in turn makes it safer to use. Also consider how comfortable you are handling the chainsaw, if it feels too heavy or bulky, opt for a different model. After a while, user fatigue will mean the chainsaw feels even heavier and could become difficult to handle. Low vibration is another aspect to consider, for regular chainsaw users being exposed to continued hand/ arm vibration can cause permanent damage that leads to painful problems.

For professional, everyday use, the Husqvarna 395XP is certain to tick all the right boxes. Capable of tackling the toughest jobs, it comes with three interchangeable bar lengths; 20, 24 and 28”.

Finally, whenever you work with powerful equipment such as a chainsaw, always take the proper safety precautions. Wearing safety equipment such as high-visibility clothing like the Husqvarna Forest Jacket, which is bright and made of durable material with added ventilation, is a must, as is appropriate eye protection.

Here at Redband we stock a wide range of Husqvarna chainsaws, suitable for a whole host of applications, whether that be residential use, professional forestry use or even for specialist arboricultural use. For more details and help choosing the right chainsaw for your needs, call the helpful and knowledgeable team on 0116 260 2601.