The Right Tools for a Professional Finish

The Right Tools for a Professional Finish

Whatever the project, your customers are looking for a professional, quality finish; essentially they are paying to get a look they would be unlikely to achieve themselves.

Of course, those in the trade can make achieving a professional finish look easy - when it is anything but! Meeting your own professional standards and the expectations of your client comes with experience, knowledge and a few tricks of the trade!

Having the right tools and equipment for the task at hand is an important factor in achieving a professional finish. Such tools are designed with the professional in mind so offer extra power when needed; are robust, durable and able to withstand the rigours of working life.

We have come up with our top construction tools and equipment that can help you achieve the professional finish you demand, check them out...

Concrete Dissolver

For professional trades people, your tools and equipment are your livelihood so keeping them in good condition is essential in getting the most out of them.

When working with concrete, cement, mortar, grout or render, clean-up can be messy and time consuming, not great news at the end of a long day! Thankfully, Belle-Clean concrete dissolver attacks and dissolves even hardened cement, allowing it to be easily rinsed away. With no fumes, odours and 100% biodegradable, it is a safe choice too. Use it on wide range of tools and equipment such as site mixers, wheelbarrow, trowels and power floats to keep them in great condition ready for the next job.

Builder’s Barrow

What can a barrow really add in terms of a professional finish? Well, when it is the Belle Warrior Builders’ Barrow – plenty! With its 100 litre capacity, extra-strong, non-stick tray, it makes transporting material around the site easier; helping to ensure the workspace is clean, tidy and safe. Made from tough HDPE, the barrow is also low-noise, making loading bricks or other heavy materials quieter; perfect on residential projects. The extra-wide tyre comes with an additional inner tube to reduce the likelihood of a puncture and the adjustable wheel plate has been designed for optimum balance. A site essential, the Belle Warrior Builder’s Barrow even comes with a one-year warranty!

Diamond Drill

Whether it is a large hole for a new waste pipe or narrow channels for the installation of wires or cabling, a diamond drill is an essential piece of professional equipment. Used on materials such as natural stone, concrete and bricks, the power of a professional grade motor and diamond tipped blade ensure even the toughest materials can be drilled.

As a professional, every new project offers new challenges and with the Husqvarna DM406HL hydraulic core drill motor, you can meet those challenges head on. The DM406HL offers the ability to drill a range of core sizes from 50mm to 650mm! With the ability to change the hydraulic speed while drilling, the DM406HL is versatile and adaptable.

Big Blue Glider Trowel

Made from carbon fibre steel, the Big Blue Glider Trowel from the Red Band range is the perfect addition to your concrete finishing toolkit. Offering a very smooth finish, the Big Blue Glider Trowel’s curved ends work to prevent surface marks, creating a surface finish that often negates the need for power floating.

Our comprehensive range of professional standard tools and equipment also includes tile and masonry saws, hand held cutters as well as compaction equipment. With equipment from leading manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Belle and Clipper, as well as our own Red Band range, you can be confident that the products you purchase are up to the challenge.

For more information on the best tools or equipment for your next project, call the team on 0116 260 2601.