The choice of road and floor saws is yours!

The choice of road and floor saws is yours!

Whether it is concrete, asphalt, a driveway, a car park, road or runway if the material needs to be accurately and professional cut then a floor or road saw is essential.

Used on projects of all sizes, from motorways to residential properties, a floor or road saw offers continuous cutting and makes the most of working time.

When choosing your next floor and road saw consider the types of projects you typically undertake and the varying blade capacities and cutting depth of each model. Another consideration is the saw’s weight, if the nature of your business is to move from project to project on a daily or relatively frequent basis, then choosing a lighter model that is easier to transport may be a good option.

Here at Redband we have a wide range of floor and road saws from leading brands such as Clipper and Husqvarna.

Within our floor saw range we have:

  • ● Petrol
  • ● Diesel
  • ● Electric
  • ● Soft-cut early entry saws
  • Soft-cut early entry saws such as the Husqvarna Soft-Cut 4000 are designed for heavy-duty work such as on roads, runways and paving. Thanks to advanced technology, soft-cut early entry saws can be used on concrete within only an hour or two of finishing and before the concrete is completely set. Not only does this help minimise cracking, it speeds up the process enabling the job to be completed quicker.

    Our road saw range includes diesel and petrol models ,including the Clipper CK31. Perfect for deep cuts within concrete and asphalt, it offers high production capacity and is easy to handle, thanks in part to easy access controls and ergonomically designed handles. Fitted with a 31 hp (23kW), two cylinder Deutz F2L2011 electric start diesel engine, it also offers a hydrostatic, variable self-propulsion system, mechanical clutch, flexible front and rear pointers and a parking brake.

    When the project is tough and demands something extra in terms of power and production, than look no further than the Husqvarna FS8400D, the most powerful road saw in its class. Boasting a whopping 84 hp John Deere five-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, it can handle pretty much anything that is thrown at it.

    For advice on the best floor and road saw for your business call a member of the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.