Simple Ways You Can Market Your Business!

Simple Ways You Can Market Your Business!

Running your own business is hard work, as well as getting on with the day job you need to be on top of office administration such as invoicing and paying bills, along with sourcing materials and winning new projects.

To help ease the burden a little, we have come up with some easy ways you can market your construction, landscaping or forestry services, helping to boost business and hopefully, profits! Check them out...

Look the part

Your business’ name embroidered on your work clothes, your details liveried on the van, these are simple ways to get your business’ name out there. What’s more, they suggest that your business is professional and organised.

Be prepared

Always have a ready supply of business cards available, you can leave them with prospective clients, at your local outlet when picking up materials and even the local chippy!,


Getting your business’ details out there is key, so think about how you would go about finding a contractor. Would you use an online directory or maybe the phone book? Perhaps you would do an internet search and see who came up? Maybe you would ask your local Facebook friends if they could recommend someone. In fact, probably all of these ways are used to find suppliers, so make sure you have a presence across all of them.

Use your contacts

Clients often want a one-stop solution and if you can take on a project and manage the whole of it, including finding other trades, such as electricians and plumbers, it may set you apart from your competitors. Also, as you use your fellow trades, they in turn may be able to pass work your way.

Have a portfolio

Customers like to choose people with a proven track record, so when going to price for a project, take your portfolio with you. It needn’t be overly designed or fancy, just include decent before and after shots of previous projects along with a few key customer testimonials.

Always be professional

From the way you answer the phone to how you present quotations, these are all ways in which you are marketing your business. Invest in letterhead stationery that includes all your contact details and ensure that anyone taking calls for your business answers in the same courteous and helpful manner.

Know your audience

If you are targeting a specific group, such as schools for instance, spend time researching who to contact and what key issues they face. A well-timed communication, whether email or letter, to the right individual, which addresses and offers a solution to their problems, could go a long way.

Sponsorship deals

If your business is local, consider sponsoring a local sports team, with your company name emblazoned on kits, not only will your business be seen by plenty of spectators, but photos may also reach local press.

Make the most of word of mouth

Word of mouth is an extremely powerful way to advertise and promote your business. When a client is happy, ask them for a testimonial and confirm whether you can use it for social media/ website/ other purposes. You may also want to ask whether you can leave some business cards for them to pass on to others. If your client is less than impressed, for whatever reason, go the extra mile in putting it right, handling a complaint well could turn what would be negative press into a positive.