Say hello to the new look K760!

Say hello to the new look K760!

For years, construction workers everywhere have relied on the heavy-duty cutting power of the Husqvarna K760 power cutter to get the job done. So, what if we told you that the K760 now comes with more power, 20% less fuel consumption and 75% less emissions?

We are guessing you probably want one! And with our great new offer that includes not only a free diamond blade but free delivery, there has never been a better time to get your hands on a new K760! Call a member of staff on 0116 260 2601 for more details on this great offer!

So, what improvements have been made to the K760? Well, Husqvarna have made a number of small and not-so small changes, each designed to make using the K760 easier than ever. For example, the new K760 is lighter and offers fewer vibrations, making it more comfortable to use over longer periods.

Also, the cutter’s capacity has been increased thanks to a new cylinder design, this allows for improved combustion. A new digital ignition system also helps boost performance as does extra cooling fins which not only ensure the cutter is less affected by climate changes but also combined with the new cylinder design, results in up to 15% less exhaust emissions.

The wet cutting system has also been revamped and includes a progressive valve that enables the user to control the exact amount of water needed for each job. As well as reducing water consumption, this also minimises slurry. Add to this, a new stepless blade guard adjustment, and the result is even greater dust control, a clear advantage when regularly using power cutters.

The new K760 is available in two sizes, the 12”/ 300mm and the 14”/ 350mm both include an air-cooled two-stroke engine and offer 3.7kW of power. With the 12” model, you can expect a maximum cutting depth of 100mm and 125mm with the 14”.

Also available from Red Band is a range of products designed to be used in conjunction with the new K760. This includes the klampSAFE material clamp; stable and robust it is perfect for holding a wide range of material securely in place while cutting. Also available is Husqvarna oil guard two-stroke oil that has been designed to prevent engine damage from using incorrect oil. For more details on these or the new K760, call a member of the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.