Save money and buy your brick saw from us...

Save money and buy your brick saw from us...

Here at Red Band, we have worked hard to gain an enviable, award winning reputation for our high levels of customer service and specialist product knowledge.

We offer the construction trade a large range of machinery ranging from:

- Husqvarna

- Kanga



- Belle

- Clipper

- and various other power tools.

We also sell our very own reputable Red Band products all of which are just as highly regarded in the construction industry as the big-named brands for being excellent in term of performance, ease of maintenance and value for money.

As well as many other types of machinery such as floor/road saws, hand held cutters and chain saws, we also stock a large variety of tile, masonry and brick saws.

Our electric masonry/tile/brick saws are excellent value with many of them being heavily discounted and we even have some seasonal offers with which you will receive a free piece of equipment with your purchase.

Here are some examples of the type of masonry saws that we stock at Red Band:

Red Band Elite 80 14" Masonry Saw

Prices start from just £986.25 for this lightweight, high-performance and versatile (portable) saw. It is designed for cutting construction materials such as black paviors, bricks, concrete and ceramic and roof tiles.

This saw has a number of features including a tilting head suitable for angle cutting, which makes it an obvious choice for professional building contractors. This is the best “value for money” saw on the market!

Red Band BSD35 14" Masonry Saw

Prices start from £2,050.00 for this deluxe version of the BSC35 site masonry saw. It is built to the same standards as the BSC35 site masonry saw except the BSD35 has a winding handle adjustment and a safety gripper as standard.

It has a totally enclosed blade shaft, a built in water pump for wet cutting and a maximum cutting depth of 125mm.

Red Band ISS-B 18" Masonry Saw - 415V Electric

The price of this fantastic saw is just £4,101.25 which means you are receiving a hefty discount when you purchase this brick saw from Red Band. This is a robust saw which is made from the highest grade materials and has more power behind it than a conventional masonry saw.

It has an extended chassis to facilitate the cutting of larger masonry materials such as slabs, stone and concrete. The features of this saw include a spring-loaded cutting head and a c/w foot pedal assembly for extra leverage.

We have many other brick saws in stock. To view the full range and in greater detail, please browse over many of our other fantastically priced construction products.