Robotic mowers: The future of beautiful lawns

Robotic mowers: The future of beautiful lawns

Sunny days can be few and far between here in the UK so having to spend them doing chores such as mowing the lawn can be really annoying. For those of us who find mowing the lawn a time-consuming chore, or for those who have large areas to cover, a robotic mower is the ideal solution.

Suitable for use in residential properties, automowers also make a great addition to the tool kits of groundskeepers and landscape gardeners.

Robotic mowers, also known as automowers, offer homeowners and those tasked with maintaining grassed areas an alternative to manual mowing. Once set, the mowers leave their charging stations and cut the grass without the need for any supervision. Using a similar random cutting technique to that of sheep grazing, the result is a lawn that is healthy, green and extremely low maintenance! The automowers are even able to recognise when they are low on charge and take themselves back to their docks for charging!

Perfect for homeowners is the Husqvarna 305 automower, compact and available in granite grey and polar white, it is able to tackle areas of up to 500m2. Complete with an anti-theft alarm, the 305 is easily programmable to suit a lawn’s needs and delivers a beautifully cut lawn with minimal effort!

For those with larger lawns or professionals, the Husqvarna 330X is suitable for complex areas of up to 3200m2, including those with steep inclines. Its random cutting pattern ensures a neat lawn, while the intuitive programming options means it is easy to achieve the lawn you want.

To ensure a year-round attractive lawn;

  • ● Ensure the grass is regularly cut to help thicken it, adjusting the cutting height depending on the time of year.
  • ● Tackle weeds as and when they appear
  • ● Fertilise
  • ● Water according to conditions
  • There are some of course who enjoy mowing the lawn, and for those there are plenty of pedestrian lawn mowers on the market, including the LC153V from Husqvarna. Petrol powered it has been designed with medium to large gardens in mind. With three cutting options and a 65-litre grass collector, the LC153V may not be as hands free as an automower, but it still delivers great results.

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