Robotic mowers – are they the future of lawn maintenance?

Robotic mowers – are they the future of lawn maintenance?

Whether you are a professional gardener, landscaper or a homeowner, mowing the lawn, sometimes every week in high summer, can be a time consuming chore.

However, there may be a technological solution to your mowing woes – automatic mowers. These nifty, yet powerful tools mimic the grazing pattern of sheep and as such ensure a perfectly maintained lawn.

Sound too good to be true? Surely, a robotic mower could never really replace the human touch? Well, it could! Requiring virtually no human input, (they are even able to find their way back to their docking station when reserves run low), the key to a robotic automower’s success is that it frequently mows, even in the wet, offering a well-maintained, professional-quality finish. Depending on the model you opt for, some models are even able to tackle awkward terrains and large areas.

Available from Redband is the Husqvarna 305, a compact automower that is a perfect for gardens up to 500m2 . The razor sharp cutting blades not only ensure a neat cut, but allow for the fine cuttings to be returned to the lawn as a natural fertilizer. Lightweight, the 305 can easily be relocated to cover the front and back garden, what’s more, it is fitted with an anti-theft alarm and PIN code lock, so you can rest easy that it is safe and secure.

For more complex or larger areas, there is the Husqvarna 320 which has been designed to tackle areas of up to 2200m2, including areas with slopes! Cutting in a seemingly random pattern, the 320 is fitted with a powerful Li-on battery and runs for around 80 minutes from a full charge.

While for the homeowner freedom from mowing may mean extra time relaxing or enjoying the garden, for the professional the benefits could be significant; helping to save time and labour costs on projects. For example, a great advantage of robotic mowers is the low-noise levels they offer, making them ideal for use in areas where noise must be kept to a minimum. In these locations, such as residential areas, schools or offices, mowing may need to take place between particular times, to minimise noise disturbance, however, with a quiet automower, it may be possible to extend these hours – maximising your working day.

So, are robotic automowers the future? Hassle-free, convenient and offering a top-notch finish, it looks like mowing the lawn is one chore best left to the robots. To order, or for more information, call the Redband team on 0116 260 2601.