Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic Lawn Mowers

For those who love their garden but don’t have the time, fitness or inclination to cut the lawn, a robotic lawn mower could be the answer.

Previously, those who fell into this category would have had to employ a gardener to keep their garden in good shape. This could be in the form of casual labour to a friend or family member, or arranging for a professional gardener to cut the grass every couple of weeks.

Not only do robotic lawn mowers such as the Husqvarna Automower® remove the need to push a mower round the garden, the good quality devices actually leave your garden in a better condition than the manual equivalent. There is less weight exerted on the surface and every blade of grass is trimmed without being pushed and flattened in lines. Even the wheels don't leave track marks when it travels around your garden. Husqvarna's 430X and 450X models are guided by GPS, ensuring every part is covered and cut evenly. Some may miss the stripes on the lawn, but instead you get an immaculate lawn every time.

Robotic mowers can operate in wet conditions and the near-silent operation means you don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbours. To give you an idea of how quiet it is, it's difficult to hear it running over the noise of a gentle breeze in the trees.

Mowing the lawn usually involves gathering the grass clippings and disposing of them in garden waste recycling bins or in composting solutions. Some even have to make regular trips to their local waste disposal site, along with the inevitable prospect of having to then clean your boot afterwards. Robotic Mowers signal and end to this. As well as not needing a handle, another visual difference compared to conventional mowers is that they do not have a bulky repository for grass cuttings. Instead of cutting at a set height and removing all grass beyond a certain length, the robotic variety will make many more cuts and sprinkle fine cuttings onto the lawn. These clippings will quickly decompose and enrich the soil, further contributing to the uniform condition of the garden.

Husqvarna's 450X is the elite of the robotic mower market, highly desirable to garden lovers everywhere. However, this desirability does not necessarily lead to an increased chance of theft. The elite Husqvarna models have a built-in immobiliser which makes it useless without the unique key code. Also, each charging station is paired to one specific machine, so it won’t even charge on any other unit. Automower® Connect is a digital connectivity solution from Husqvarna which allows tracking and remote control. Not only can the user control and monitor the machine's operation, the tracking functionality means that you can alert the Police of its exact location if it is stolen.


Robotic mowers are swiftly moving from fantasy to reality. Red Band's new auto mower installation service is available for properties in the Midlands. A technician installs cables and calibrates your Husqvarna Automower® to the size and shape of your garden.