Revealed - Our Favourite Belle Cement Mixer

Revealed - Our Favourite Belle Cement Mixer

It takes a special kind of person to get really excited about a cement mixer, but for those that depend on these modern mechanical marvels they really can be something of a make or break gadget. As such, when a model comes along that proves itself as being tantamount to bullet proof, cheap as chips and guaranteed to keep running when the rest of the site has fallen to bits, it ends up taking on iconic status with the building world.

…and that, ladies and gentleman, is exactly what can be found with Belle Minimix 150 – hands-down our favourite cement mixer of all time from the leading brand.

What makes the Minimix 150 so legendary all over the world is the way in which it has become the immediate mental-image that comes to mind with most builders when a mixer is mentioned. It really does take the term ‘heavy-duty’ to an all-new level and beyond and could probably survive the mother of all earthquakes and barely show a scratch.

Not only this but it’s portable, powerful and makes the ideal choice for both rental and professional use.

The praise doesn’t stop there though – the Minimix 150 wins so many more points from us for being superbly easy to store away and mercifully easy to use, even for someone that’s never mixed concrete in their life. And despite its deceptively small and cute looks, the Minimix 150 has been designed to serve up a full barrow of concrete each time.

portable, powerful and makes the ideal choice

Speaking of which, there’s another very good reason why we’ve singled out the Minimix 150 as the best in the business right now – it’s being offered as part of a bundle with a Belle Warrior barrow, which is arguably the best builders barrow in the business too.

The Belle Warrior has been designed with the heaviest of heavy site work in mind, therefore is the closest you’ll find to 100% indestructible and easy as pie to keep clean.

Back with the Minimix 150, power comes courtesy of a Honda GX120 Petrol engine which has the kind of pedigree than needs no explanation, maximum drum capacity is 130 litres and the whole thing weighs in at a slender 61KG.

All in all, there isn’t a chance in this lifetime or the next that you’ll find a better pairing than the above – who on Earth ever heard of a professional builders barrow that comes with a 12-month guarantee?

Really…it’s guaranteed for a year no matter what you put it through!