Our top ten Husqvarna videos

Here at Redband we are committed to supplying the best construction products on the market, products that perform and deliver when you need them to; helping you to get the job done. Which is why we are an authorised distributor of Husqvarna products, as a world leader in construction products, Husqvarna have a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing equipment that is safe and easy to use, powerful and time-efficient.

To help you find the right Husqvarna products for you check out our top ten Husqvarna videos:

How to work with a chainsaw – a tutorial from Husqvarna


A short tutorial which gives the techniques needed to effectively use a chainsaw. At Redband we stock a wide range of saws including masonry chain saws, ring saws and power cutters.

Ring saws – How to cut a window


In this demonstration you will see the K970 Ring Saw in action as it is used to cut out a window from reinforced concrete.

Drilling into a concrete floor


Check out the Husqvarna DM 220 in action along with the DS250. Available from Redband is the DM220 DM230, DM280 and DM340.

Tile saws


A short feature on the Husqvarna TS60 tile saw. This robust saw features a refined cart and rail system for perfectly straight cuts.

Cut ‘n’ Break machines


See how to make deep cuts in concrete using the K760 and the K3000 machines. Check out Redband’s latest offers on the Husqvarna K760 Petrol Power Cutter.

Wet & Dry vacuum


Your clients expect you to leave an area neat and tidy and you need to clean up as quickly and efficiently as possible. The powerful DC 1400 Wet/ Dry Vacuum will help you do just that.

A customer’s point of view


In this film a genuine Husqvarna customer talks through their experiences of working with Husqvarna construction products.

Surface preparation


Take a look at the Husqvarna PG 820, the largest surface preparation and finishing machine from Husqvarna. Also featured is the PG680 which is perfect for commercial applications. Easy to manoeuvre, the PG680 is powerful and easy to use.

Think safe, act safe


Working with any construction equipment involves risk. Take a look at the latest range of Husqvarna PPE products and learn a little about how they can protect you from harm. Here at Redband we stock a wide range of Husqvarna PPE products including jackets, boots, ear defenders and helmets.

An overview


See many of Husqvarna’s leading products in action along with some new and innovative future ideas!

For more details on Husqvarna products contact the friendly and knowledgeable Redband team on 0116 260 2601 who can help you to make the right purchase for your business.