Our Top 5 Belle Products

Our Top 5 Belle Products

Time is money, and never more so than within the construction industry. During the winter months when daylight hours are shorter, making the most of available light and reasonable weather is essential.

Spending valuable site time with equipment that is ill equipped for the professional demands being placed on it, can be frustrating and costly.

Finding the best equipment for the task at hand can sometimes be trial and error; after all, we are all individuals and have preferences in terms of design, ergonomics and power. However, the Belle range of construction equipment tends to be a staple for most projects, offering durability, ease of use and high performance. We have come up with five Belle products we would highly recommend, whatever the job throws at you…

Belle Minimix 150

With its distinctive orange design, the Belle Minimix 150 is ideal for construction projects large and small. While heavy-duty, it is also easily transferred from site to site, making it ideal for the rental market. What’s more, it has been designed to mix a full barrow load of concrete or mortar, making it an efficient choice.

Belle Warrior builders barrow

In our technological age we have apps for this and gadgets for that but sometimes simple is best which is why when it comes to transporting material, the Belle Warriors builders barrow won’t be beaten. Easy to clean and with a 100 litre capacity, the Warrior boasts lower noise levels than others in its class, ideal when working in residential areas.

Designed for life on site, the Warrior has a strong adjustable wheel plate to offer optimum balance when moving material and an extra wide, deep tread tyre to help reduce punctures. Every Warrior barrow comes complete with a one-year guarantee.

Belle BHB25XS hydraulic breaker

Tough projects require tough equipment and the BHB25XS is just that, boasting high performance along with low-vibration, ultra-dampened handles that help reduce operator fatigue. The BHB25XS can be used on material such as reinforced concrete and brick and is the ideal choice when performance matters.

Belle Maxipave manual block splitter

For a professional finish, the Belle Maxipave is the perfect choice. Able to make light work of paving blocks, the Maxipave is reliable, durable and easy to use. With three sided reversible blades, to extend blade life, even the thickest blocks can be easily cut. The extra-long handle helps to make cutting safe and easy.

Belle PCX compaction plate

Ensuring an area is properly compacted can be time consuming and yet it is essential for a professional finish. With the Belle PCX on board, high levels of compaction can be achieved and because it offers greater manoeuvrability than other models, it can be done so with ease. The PCX is easy to use and has been designed with low hand arm vibration in mind, meeting health & safety requirements.

If you would like to find out more about these or any of the Belle product range, call the knowledgeable Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.