No More Slow-Mow

No More Slow-Mow

Whether you have vast areas or small patches to maintain, mowing grassed areas can be time consuming. Thankfully, as winter draws closer, grass growth rate will slow significantly, meaning that many of us will be undertaking that final mow of the season. Of course, for those who insist on an impeccable lawn, mowing once a month during the winter, providing the ground is relatively dry and free of frost, should be enough to keep the garden looking great.

However regularly you maintain your grassed areas, we can all agree that the mower is essential. Whether you are a professional or a home gardener, having a mower that is up to the challenge, whether that is large areas or steep banks, is vital in making the job as easy as possible. If you have spent the summer struggling with a mower that doesn’t quite meet the challenge, or if you have worked your mower so hard it needs retiring, check out our round-up of some of our favourites from the Red Band mower range…

The Husqvarna 320 robotic mower

Robotic mowers may sound futuristic but the technology to deliver a professional cut is most definitely here. Able to manage areas of around 2200m2, the Husqvarna 320 can cope with slopes and complex areas. Adopting a random cutting pattern that mirrors the pattern sheep use when grazing, the 320 will efficiently cut and maintain the lawn, even returning itself back to its charging dock when it needs recharging. An anti-theft alarm is fitted as standard for security.

The Husqvarna LB553S petrol mower

Ergonomically designed, the LB553s is perfect for everyday professional use. Robust and durable it offers five easily adjustable cutting heights. Petrol powered and with a Honda engine, the mower has been designed to finely cut and chop the clippings before returning them to the lawn to act as a natural fertilizer.

The Husqvarna GX560 petrol air-cushion mower

Of course, not every lawn is flat and straight and for those tackling areas with inclines and banks obtaining the mow you want can be hard work. Which is why the GX560 is so useful, its air-cushion design makes it easy to manoeuvre and maintain non-flat areas, making it ideal for both professional and residential use.

The Husqvarna TC142 garden tractor

When it comes to mowing, the TC142 garden tractor is more than capable of meeting the challenge ahead. Suitable for use on medium and large gardens, the TC142 offers six cutting heights and is compact enough to allow for easy use and storage. Offering the quality you’d expect from Husqvarna a range of attachments are also available ensuring the TC142 can be used year-round.

For more details on the range of mowers available or for advice on the right mower for your application, call the knowledgeable Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.