New Year Resolutions For Your Business!

New Year Resolutions For Your Business!

As we approach the end of 2015, you may find yourself reflecting over the year; hopefully it was a successful one! With success in mind, we have come up with five New Year resolutions we think every small business should make, they are designed to help you maximise your time and grow your business in the New Year, check them out…

Resolution #1 Learn to delegate

If you have built your business from the ground up you may find yourself feeling protective of it, or that no one understands it like you do. This may well be true, however, there is always more than one way to achieve a goal and the input from others can often generate new ideas and creativity. By letting others take on new tasks, you will add to their professional development and in the longer term free yourself to pursue new areas of the business.

Resolution #2 Get a long-term goal

It might be to double your staff within five years or retire at fifty, setting a long-term goal will give your business focus and help shape the decisions you make.

Resolution #3 Get organised

Scraps of paper here and there, lost messages, late invoicing – all these things will slow your business down and could affect whether you win work or not. Being organised need not be complicated, simply find a system that works for you, this could be a dedicated message pad or a rule that every client has to be called back within one hour.

Resolution #4 Protect what matters

When it comes to your business your tools, equipment and vans are essential to your operation so be sure to take proper care. Where appropriate take out adequate insurance to ensure should anything happen you are covered. You may also want to invest in a storage area where large equipment can be securely stored when not in use.

Resolution #5 Make the most of your time

Your time is precious and you need to make the most of your working day, time spent sourcing materials or pricing for new work is incredibly important but can take up huge chunks of your day. Resolve to make the most of your time by building relationships with your suppliers, so ideally you can call ahead and your order will be ready for your arrival.

As it is with New Year’s Resolutions, some may stick while others quickly fall by the wayside! Hopefully, some of our New Year resolution suggestions will be useful and help your business go from strength to strength in 2016!

Happy New Year from the Red Band team!