Mix it up: a guide to cement mixer maintenance and servicing

Mix it up: a guide to cement mixer maintenance and servicing

No doubt your cement mixer is an essential piece of kit and thankfully mixers are as tough as nails, taking everything life on a busy site as to throw at them and still asking for more. However, like us all, from time to time your cement mixer will need a little TLC to keep it working in tiptop condition. Regular maintenance and occasional servicing will not only ensure your mixer performs at its best but may also help to keep repair bills at bay too.

Here is our quick guide to cement mixer maintenance and servicing:

KEEP IT CLEAN: To keep your cement mixer working properly and to prolong its lifespan always hose the drum and paddles down with clean water after use. For a quick and easy way to maintain your drum use BELLE-CLEAN, this ready to use mix dissolves hardened concrete, mortar or grout from any surface, making it extremely versatile. More environmentally friendly than liquid acid, BELLE CLEAN is 100% biodegradable and is non-corrosive so it will not harm your equipment. Available in 650ml bottles or 19 litre drums for big tasks, ask a member of the Redband team for more details.

GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNING: Cement and dust that find their way into your cement mixer motor can stop it from working altogether; clogging the motor and leading to expensive repairs. Use an air compressor to blow away any debris and keep the motor running freely.

CHECK YOUR NUTS AND BOLTS: Before every use (but especially if your mixer hasn’t been used for a while) check and tighten all the nuts and bolts. This will help to keep the mixer working properly and could also prevent potential injury being caused by an unstable cement mixer.

If no amount of maintenance and servicing is going to rescue your battered cement mixer from the scrap yard, then it’s time to invest in a new model. Here at Redband we have a wide selection of models available including the BELLE Minimix 150 petrol mixer with BELLE warrior builder’s barrow. Portable and easy to use this incredibly popular mixer is designed to mix a full barrow load and with this package, the barrow is included!

Electric, petrol and diesel mixers are also available along with hand held mixing stirrers for smaller projects. To find the right cement mixer for your business call a member of the Redband team on, 0116 260 2601, who will be happy to help.