Making the most of summer...

Making the most of summer...

The summer months are typically a time for regular maintenance and up-keep tasks, with larger projects left for autumn and spring. For those tasked with maintaining large areas however, keeping up with all the jobs needed to be done can be demanding. For example, mowing grassed areas at this time of year can be extremely time consuming, with grass growing at a phenomenal rate. Grassed areas may also require treatment to repair bare patches if they have seen a lot of traffic or been covered to provide shade. On top of maintaining lawns, gardeners and landscapers will find themselves busy pruning, deadheading spent flowers, weeding and trimming annuals.

Thankfully, however, here at Redband we stock a comprehensive range of forestry, gardening and landscaping products, each designed to make maintaining forests, gardens and other landscapes as easy as possible. Our range includes:

  • ● Chainsaws
  • ● Trimmers
  • ● Bushcutters
  • ● Blowers
  • ● Robotic automowers
  • ● Pedestrian mowers
  • ● Pruners
  • ● Garden tractors
  • ● Stump grinders
  • ● Barrows
  • ● Kanga Loaders
  • ● Mini dumpers
  • ● Dethatchers
  • ● Cultivators
  • With so many useful products available, choosing our favourites was not easy, but we have managed to pick our top five forestry, gardening and landscaping products, that are perfect for helping to make light work of those summer tasks…

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