Make cleaning up easy with BELLE-CLEAN dissolver

Make cleaning up easy with BELLE-CLEAN dissolver

Keeping tools and equipment clean and well maintained is the key to prolonging their usefulness and getting the best value for your money. However, at the end of a busy day, especially when working in extreme temperatures such as hot summer days or the freezing winter months, spending extra time cleaning off the day’s spills when you can be on your way home, can feel like a job best left for another day. Unfortunately, when working with material such as concrete, the result can be tools and equipment that are messy and difficult to use.

Thankfully, there is a specialist cleaning product that makes light work of removing even dried concrete as well as cement, mortar, grout and render off a wide range of tools and equipment, making it a tool-bag essential for those working with these materials.

BELLE-CLEAN, from leading construction equipment manufacturer, BELLE Group, offers many advantages, namely that it makes a tough job easy! It works by attacking and dissolving hardened cement, turning it into a substance that is easily rinsed away with nothing more than cold water.

With no need to mix, BELLE-CLEAN offers no fumes or nasty odours, making it a more pleasant choice. What’s more, because it is 100% biodegradable it makes it an environmentally safe choice too. Non-corrosive, BELLE-CLEAN can be used to clean a wide range of tools and equipment, including site mixers, trowels, floats and even patios and wooden decking!

As well as BELLE –CLEAN dissolver, here at Red Band we also stock a wide range of BELLE tools and equipment, each designed to help you get the most from your working day.

Our BELLE range includes:

- Compaction equipment

- The iconic BELLE site mixer

- Super-tough wheelbarrows

- Mini dumpers

- Block paving equipment

- Hydraulic packs and breakers

- BGA pump system

- The BELLE-Atika product range

To find out more visit our BELLE Group shop, or call the knowledgeable team on, 0116 260 2601 who will be happy to help and advise.