Last cut of the season

Last cut of the season

As we approach autumn, our thoughts inevitably turn to the winter months ahead and for gardeners and groundskeepers this means ensuring areas are neat and tidy and ready for spring.

October/November will see the last mows of the year, so to ensure the lawn looks good throughout the winter months, simply, raise the mower blades and once cut, make sure that any cuttings are picked up. This will help prevent wet leaves and grass damaging the lawn and help to prevent slip hazards.

Once you have done your final mow of the year, it’s time to pack away your mower, for those with electric mowers this involves a good clean of the blades and storing the mower somewhere dry and out of reach of children and animals.

However, for those with petrol mowers, follow these five tips for keeping your lawn mower in tip top condition through the winter…

Clean it

Using a dry brush and a plastic tool, ensure all grass and debris is removed from around the blades and filters. Not only will this save you a job come spring but it will help to prevent rusting.

Sharpen it

If your mower has not been cutting at its optimum, it may be that the blades need sharpening. You may be confident to do this yourself, alternatively, book some time in with a local mower specialist who can also service the mower if required.

Drain it

Over time, petrol will deteriorate and the added ingredients in petrol can mean it can perish away at rubber seals etc. So, for safety’s sake, drain any unused fuel and either repurpose it elsewhere or dispose of it carefully.

Check it

Check air and oil filters, ensuring there is no damage and they are free from debris. Check oil levels too, draining and replacing if necessary.

Store it

Ensuring your mower is properly packed away. This will not only prevent it being in your way all winter but will also mean it is less likely to suffer problems come spring. Choose a dust-free, dry place, ideally out of sight of children

If this is likely to be the last of your mower’s useful days, then why not check out the comprehensive range of mowers available at Red Band. As well as petrol mowers, the range includes cylinder mowers, perfect for quick maintenance jobs or places where power is not available. For those looking for a complete mowing solution, then check out the Red Band range of automowers. These innovative mowers are completely self-sufficient, even returning themselves to power docks when they are low on charge! Using a similar technique to sheep grazing, they can be left to tackle large and complex areas (depending on model type), resulting in a neat, great looking lawn – and no hassle!

For more details on the full range of Red Band mowers, call the team on 0116 260 2601.