Is it time you got a diamond drill?

Is it time you got a diamond drill?

Could your business benefit from a diamond drill? Robust and durable, diamond drills offer a great deal of versatility and can help speed projects up. Whether tasked with creating small channels for wires and cables or a large hole for a waste pipe, a diamond drill is up to the challenge! Diamonds are one of the toughest materials known and when added to a blade and coupled with a powerful motor they make a formidable piece of equipment.

Diamond core drill motors are able to make light work of some of the toughest materials including bricks, concrete and natural stone.

Getting to grips with a diamond core drill motor and maximising its potential can often take practice and skill, which is why so often in the past the task has been outsourced to experts. However, once mastered, adding a diamond drill to your toolkit can help speed up onsite tasks and cut costs.

If you are still unsure whether a diamond core drill motor would make a good addition to your toolkit, we have come up with our top six reasons you might need one…

1. You regularly need to drill through tough material such as concrete, brick and natural stone

2. You need to create small, neat holes and channels as well as larger holes

3. You wish to avoid chips and cracks on material such as tiles and marble

4. You want to achieve precise, clean results

5. You want to work quickly and avoid prolonged use of equipment that vibrates

6. You are looking to cut the cost of outsourcing key tasks

Here at Red Band, our diamond drilling range includes diamond core drill motors from leading equipment specialist Husqvarna. The range includes the Husqvarna DM340 core drill motor which is capable of producing cores of up to 400mm in diameter. Powerful and compatible with Husqvarna DS450, DS50 and DS70 drill stands, the DM340 is extremely useful.

As well as diamond core drill motors, we also stock everything else you need to tackle that diamond drilling task. Our comprehensive diamond drilling range includes:

- Core drill rigs

- Core drill motors

- Core drill stands

- Core bits

- Blades and wheels

- Accessories including, anchoring kits, wet/ dry vacuum and battery powered water pumps.

For more details on the right equipment for your needs, or to place an order, call the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.