IN FOCUS: Belle Products

IN FOCUS: Belle Products

With a wide range of products and construction equipment available, Belle Group products are a must-have for every construction project.

Whether it is a long-term purchase or a short-term hire, Belle products are up to the task. Designed with tough environments in mind, they deliver on robust design and high performance, all in line with current standards.

In their trademark orange, Belle products are highly recognisable and here at Red Band we stock a wide range of products and equipment. The Red Band range includes...

- Compaction equipment

- Mini dumpers

- Wheelbarrows

- Site mixers

- Hydraulic packs & breakers

- Block paving equipment

- BGA pump systems

One of the most popular and recognisable products in the Belle range has to be the Minimix 150 concrete mixer. Heavy duty, portable and able to mix a full barrow load of concrete or mortar, the bright orange Minimix 150 is a mainstay of many construction sites.

The mixer product range from Belle also includes a range of petrol, diesel and electric powered mixers, depending on your preference. Skip fed, pan and hand-held mixing stirrers are also available, ensuring any concrete mixing task can be tackled with ease.

Equally as eye-catching and respected within the trade is the Belle Warrior builder’s barrow. Living up to its warrior name, this barrow comes with a one-year warranty – highlighting Belle’s confidence in the durability and resilience of this essential product. As well as being tough, the Belle Warrior has been designed to offer optimum usability, which is why it has a 100 litre, non-stick tray.

Made from durable HDPE, the tray also helps to minimise noise when loading with heavy-duty material. While the tyres are already fitted with an extra inner tube to reduce the risk of punctures, foam filled ‘Never Leak Again’ tyres can also be fitted on request.

Of course, when working with concrete, cleaning up equipment afterwards is essential in maximising the products’ life span and ensuring they continue to operate at optimum levels. This is why Belle offers BELLE-CLEAN, an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid acid. With no odour or fumes, BELLE-CLEAN safely removes concrete, grout, render, mortar and cement from any surface, making it easy to keep equipment and tools clean and ready for the next task!

For more details about the Belle range of products available from Red Band, call the team on 0116 260 2601.