ICS 695GC Diamond Chain Saw Package

ICS 695GC Diamond Chain Saw Package

The construction industry is a vital part of the UK economy, employing around 3 million people in a wide variety of roles from bricklayers to quantity surveyors.

It is estimated that for every £1 spent on a construction project £2.84 is generated, making construction an important sector for the UK's economy. It is particularly important to local economies with regional building work not only creating jobs but also building new schools, homes, roads and hospitals which will be used by local communities.

There are around 300,000 UK construction firms, ranging from large corporations to small-family business. Whatever size the organisation is, every business understands the need to turn projects around as quickly as possible and to the highest possible standards.

Keeping customers happy is the best possible advertising, not only will that customer return but they will also recommend your firm to others, increasing your customer-base. With this increase comes the potential to grow and develop the business into other areas.

To ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible you need the right tools for the job and when the project requires tough sawing consider a diamond saw. Diamond saw blades are exceptionally tough and make light work of even the hardest materials. Available for use in the dry or wet, diamond blade saws can be used to saw through brick and block work.

One of our favourite products is the lightweight and powerful ICS 695GC diamond chain saw package. This exciting package (which RRPs at £1815) includes an ICS 695GC petrol drive unit c/w 350mm/14" bar and No.1 EuroMAX32 diamond chain. As a special festive bonus we’re including an additional EuroMAX32 diamond chain (RRP £230) completely free of charge!

The EuroMAX diamond chain is a versatile cutting solution capable of not just sawing through concrete or stone but thanks to its impressive design makes patching and remoulding possible also. The EuroMAX is available to buy without the package in two sizes; the 14” or 16”, so why not call our friendly and knowledgeable sales team today for more details, alterative packages are available to ensure you get the most effective combination for your business.

Here at Red Band we are construction equipment stockists, supplying a wide range of equipment and accessories to a variety of projects.

For more details on our product range including our range of diamond blade saws as well as diamond drills call 0116 260 2601.