Husqvarna K770 vs K760

Husqvarna K770 vs K760

With the recent introduction of the Husqvarna K770 disc cutter, we thought you might appreciate a comparison between the K770 and the K760.

The Husqvarna K760 has been the benchmark for handheld disc cutting for over a decade thanks to its reliability and performance. Husqvarna’s flagship disc cutter delivers exceptional cutting of bricks, blocks and slabs with a superb power to weight ratio.

Although the K760 has been known as the market leading disc cutter, the new K770 model still has a number of incremental improvements.

Comparing the K770 to the K760

The main element which the designers worked on for the new machine is the digital ignition. Husqvarna’s DuraStarter™ technology was present in the K760, but the optimised timing of the ignition spark has further improved on the latest model.

The cutting arm of the K770 is even more rigid and robust thanks to the reconfigured three-bolt joint that attaches to the cutting head. This provides a more heavy duty feel and reduces the need for replacement parts.

The longevity and performance of the drive belt can be a key factor in the frequency of service and repair visits, so Husqvarna have introduced SmartTension on the latest model.

These changes have improved the stability of the K770 whilst still limiting the vibration levels to a maximum of 3m/s² and the weight to 10kg. This still delivers a power to weight ratio of 0.37.

Specifications of the K770

  K760 K770
Power to weight ratio 0.39 0.37
Weight* 9.6 9.9
SmartTensioning? No Yes
Handle vibrations (m/s²) 2.4 3

*weight excludes blade, oil and fuel

Model variations of K760 and K770

The most popular variant of the Husqvarna K760 and K770 disc cutters has been the standard petrol model, available in 12" and 14" versions.

Oilguard versions of Husqvarna disc cutters include the K760 Oilguard and K770 Oilguard. This technology was developed to reduce the risk of misfuelling, as applicable models are designed to recognise the pigment in Husqvarna Oilguard oil and will place the machine into limp mode if an insufficient oil/fuel mix is present.

The K760 Cut-n-Break uses a pair of special blades and a unique breaking tool to cut channels with up to 400mm depth when cutting in stages. The K770 version will soon be on the market with improvements that are similar to those between the standard K760 and standard K770 machines.

The K770 Rescue disc cutter is built for specialist jobs, with extra features including a chromium-plated blade guard, oversized starter handle and improved adjustable carry strap. These make the machine highly visible in dusty and steamy conditions as well as easier to operate when wearing heavy gloves.

New variants of the K770

In recent years there have been three new models of Husqvarna K770, the K770 Vac, K770 Dry Cut and K770 SmartGuard.

The K770 Vac and Dry Cut cater for those who don't have access to a water feed. The Dry Cut model has an integrated fan and vacuum, which connect to a dust bag for easy collection. The K770 Vac is designed to be connected to an external dust extractor.

The newest variant of Husqvarna's flagship machine is the SmartGuard, which includes an extended guard/guide for increased safety and accuracy on site.

The landscape of disc cutting

The future of Husqvarna disc cutters is set to involve even more innovation, as every aspect of the cutter is incrementally improved. Feedback from end-users, innovations in technology and evolution of design will continue to contribute to further improvements in the products on the market. If you need to find out more about disc cutters and blades please contact us.