Husqvarna AWD Automower® vs Robotic Mowers

Husqvarna AWD Automower® vs Robotic Mowers

All-wheel-drive is the latest innovation in Automower® technology. Husqvarna AWD robotic mowers have an articulated body profile which effectively means two sections that can drive and steer independently.

An all-wheel-drive Automower® is ideal for commercial properties such as hotels, parks, leisure centres and other decorative lawns. They can work any time of the day or night and have integrated anti-theft technology.

Why buy a robotic mower?

There are several benefits to a robotic mower. the most apparent one is that it eliminates the necessity to mow the lawn. You can set the machine to operate as frequently as you wish whilst you are working or sleeping.

Instead of collecting the cut grass, robotic mowers dispense tiny clippings back into the lawn. The result is a healthy, consistent growth without any sparse patches (subject to moisture levels).

The low weight and random cutting pattern of an Automower® means that there is minimal marking on the lawn. A traditional mower would cut in stripes and wheeled machines would leave track marks. However the Automower® has no predefined route or pattern to its cutting, resulting in an even length throughout. This cutting pattern is inspired by grazing livestock, who never use the same route twice.

Automower® vs AWD Automower®

The key benefit of an all-wheel-drive Automower® is extra traction, which means it can navigate uneven, sloped and rough terrain. Not all lawns and green areas are flat and even, which can be a challenge for gardeners and groundskeepers who need to maintain it.

An example of a suitable application would be a sloped verge next to a path or building. As long as there is a supply of electricity for the docking station, an AWD Automower® can cut any grass, anywhere.

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