How to Find Honda Engine Parts

How to Find Honda Engine Parts

If you have a petrol-powered construction machine, you may eventually need Honda engine parts or servicing. Here at Red Band we can supply and fit parts for all machines that we sell but, if the item you need is part of the engine, then we would refer you to your local Honda engine dealer.

Parts such as the air filter, carburettor and fuel filter may at some point need to be replaced, and the engine itself benefits from occasional servicing. Honda make excellent petrol engines, which is why you can find them on so many machines.

Find your local Honda Engine Dealer

If you need to find a Honda engine dealer you can browse the official Honda website and check which companies are in your town. In some cases you may need to bring your machine in, in other cases you can just purchase the right part and fit it yourself. We recommend contacting the dealer to check.

Construction Machines with Honda Engines

Honda engines can be found on compaction equipment, floor saws, masonry and bridge saws, cement mixers, screeding and poker units, as well as surface preparation equipment such as power floats and floor scabblers. Also on the list are larger machines such as Minidumpers and hydraulic loaders.

Compaction Equipment | Floor Saws | Masonry Saws | Cement Mixers | Screed Units | Poker Units | Minidumpers

Honda have been the number one petrol engine manufacturer for several decades. This is down to their superb reliability and value, which in turn means that the construction industry benefits from their universality. Remember Hoover vacuum cleaners before the 1990s? Hoover were such a dominant brand that the parts were incredibly widely available.

This is a similar story with petrol-powered construction machines. The vast majority of them are powered by engines made by Honda, so you know that you have a reliable machine that is widely repaired and serviced.