Help Centre: Five health & safety tips and resources for your construction business

Help Centre: Five health & safety tips and resources for your construction business

When it comes to safe working it is essential that employers, who are responsible for the safety, health and welfare of employees while at work, adopt and follow the latest rules and laws from the Health & Safety Executive.

Asides from keeping yourself and your colleagues safe, adopting appropriate health & safety measures can bring other benefits, such as reducing absenteeism, improving staff retention and boosting productivity.

Keeping staff safe in the workplace could include a number of things, from effective training for the job they are required to do, to communicating safe working practices, providing appropriate equipment for the task at hand as well as ensuring staff have the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

To help you create a safe working environment, we have come up with some useful resources to help you identify what you need to do to be compliant with health & safety law, as well as implement these rules and guidelines into how your business operates, check them out…

If your company has more than five employees you will need a written health & safety policy. Don’t worry, it need not be overly complicated, just a straightforward document detailing your commitment to health & safety and how it will be implemented. The HSE have produced a template for creating a health & safety policy – you can view it here.

There is a health & safety poster, leaflet and card which must be displayed in workplaces or distributed to staff. You can download them for free, here.

As well as appropriate training and risk management, another key aspect to effective health & safety is ensuring staff are using the right tools or equipment for every workplace task. With the proper equipment tasks can be completed to a high standard, quicker and with less effort and operators are less likely to become frustrated or complacent - both of which can lead to workplace incidents.

Here at Red Band we have a wide choice of professional standard tools and equipment available and our knowledgeable team are on hand to offer advice and guidance on the best equipment for your business. Supplying equipment from leading brands, such as Husqvarna, you can be sure the equipment is supported and backed by technical support.

If you have had your Husqvarna equipment for a while and no longer have the operator manual, be sure your team know how to properly operate and maintain it by visiting the Husqvarna support site and downloading the appropriate manual.

PPE is the most basic way to protect your staff; inexpensive, easy to use and effective, PPE is often the first line of defence against injury. From hi-visibility clothing to boots, ear defenders, eye protectors, gloves and helmets, click here to view the complete range of PPE available from Red Band.

ngaging everybody in health & safety can, in many businesses, be hard to do, delivering information in a range of ways could help, so aim to deliver your health & safety messages through a combination of talks, demonstrations, written materials and short films, visit YouTube for examples.

For more details on the wide range of professional construction equipment available, or to place an order, call the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.