Health & safety tips every business should follow

Health & safety tips every business should follow

According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), in the year 2013/14, there were 133 fatal workplace accidents and 70 members of the public were killed because of work being done. These staggering figures highlight just how important safety awareness is.

Of course, accidents of all kinds are often preceded by a series of near misses and unsafe acts. By highlighting unsafe acts and changing workplace behaviours, it is possible to reduce the number of accidents. So, to help ensure your safety, we have come up with some key health & safety tips…

Plan the job - For every task be sure to undertake a risk assessment, by identifying risks you can minimise them before work begins, immediately reducing the risk to on-site personnel.

Prepare the site - Whether it is a home extension or the removal of trees in a forest location, preparing the site before work begins can pay dividends. The site should be as clear as possible, with clear routes through and around the site and any trip hazards removed.

Equipment training - No matter how experienced you and your staff are, it always pays to familiarise yourself with every piece of equipment. Even equipment that you are used to, when replaced, can have undergone a redesign which sees it operate in a slightly different way, so familiarise yourself and staff with the equipment before work begins. Check also that the tools and equipment being used are in a good state of repair, for example, that guards to protect the body from moving parts, are secure and in position. When replacing equipment, choose items that have been ergonomically designed and offer reduced risk to hand arm vibration.

Be safe, be seen - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the easiest way to stay safe on site. Not only does the bright reflective clothing ensure you can be seen, other items such as protective eyewear, ear defenders and gloves can protect your body from all kinds of injury.

Set an example - Health & safety in the workplace can often get a bad rap, with a view that it is the product of a ‘nanny state’ mentality. In fact, health & safety can often be a common-sense way to reduce the risk of injury (which can also result in lost time and financial costs) and make for a more productive working environment. Aim to set an example within your workplace by following any safety procedures, highlighting risks and stopping dangerous acts.

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