Get the job done - get the right equipment

Get the job done - get the right equipment

Given the current economic climate everyone, no matter what industry they work in, is finding they have to do more with less. For builders and other tradesmen competing on price is the key if they want to secure work, though this can sometimes mean they are working for little to no profit.

To ensure some profit, the builder needs to be able to turn the project around quickly and to a high standard, to ensure repeat business.

One way to ensure a job is completed as quickly as possible is to use specialist construction equipment and construction tools. Especially designed with the busy tradesman in mind, when used appropriately these pieces of kit can help deliver a professional, quality finish in less time than by hand.

Such equipment includes:

- Specialist concreting equipment

- Powered saws and other cutting equipment

- Kanga loaders for the moving of material and trench digging

- Compaction equipment

Some apparatus can not only save time but man-power also, meaning a task that may have previously taken two or three workers to complete can now be done by one; meaning workers can be redeployed on tasks elsewhere.

We stock a wide range of quality brands, including Kanga, Xpert, Husqvarna and Power Tower to name just a few.

We are also stockists of the Clipper brand, manufacturers of machines that power through in even the toughest of applications. Our comprehensive range of Clipper products includes floor, tile, masonry and block saws, along with road saws that can be used in the wet or dry and make light work of cutting through asphalt or concrete. We also stock petrol-powered power floats to achieve that smooth, professional, glass-like finish to your concrete projects.

Easy to transport from job to job, the high-quality and robust Clipper range are available in either petrol or electric models and are economical to run. We also stock a large range of replacement diamond blades and cores.

For major projects check out our range of auger drives which can be fitted to a variety of machines, from mini loaders to excavators or truck mounted borer units. Made from high quality materials, the augers are designed to give the required power when undertaking heavy duty works.

As with any construction project safety must come first. When using construction equipment, workers should ensure they are sure how to use it and care must always be taken. Whatever the project suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should always be worn; as well as high-visibility clothing this may also include protective eyewear, ear defenders, gloves and suitable footwear which we also stock.,/

There’s free UK delivery on orders over £350 and if you require advice or information on any of our products just ask a member of our knowledgeable sales team.