Five things to consider before taking on a major construction project

Five things to consider before taking on a major construction project

If you have the opportunity to take on a large project it can be tempting to jump straight in, however, by taking time to consider whether the project is right for your business, it could save you future stress and worry.

We have come up with five things to consider before taking on a large construction project…

Do you have proper insurance?

While chances are everything will go smoothly, it is vital to protect yourself and your business should things go wrong. Be sure to take out public liability insurance, which covers you in case of injury to a third party, as well as any damage to the property. If you employ others you will also need employers liability insurance, this offers protection against any employees who claim against you due to becoming injured or made ill because of your employment. Other insurance includes, vehicle cover and insurance of equipment, tools and materials.

Can you afford to do the job?

While undertaking a large project may reap rewards in the long run, in the short-term can you afford to layout for materials, wages and running costs?

Do you have a workforce you can rely on?

Whether you have a team employed or are expecting to hire in various trades as you go, be sure you have access to all the skills you will need, otherwise the project could be held up.

Are you confident you can meet the client’s expectations?

Having a clear brief is vital on any project but especially so on a large-scale project where things can progress quickly and be difficult to change. If you feel like you do not understand what your client really wants, or that they keep changing their mind, sit down with them at the outset to pin down their exact specifications.

Do you have the right equipment for the tasks ahead?

If previously you have only worked on small-scale projects, you will have no doubt have built up a reasonable selection of professional quality tools and equipment. However, larger projects may require different equipment. Here at Red Band we supply a wide range of heavy-duty, professional standard tools and equipment from leading manufacturers.

Our range includes:

- Concreting equipment such as mixers, power floats and screeds

- Diamond drills and rigs

- Plate compactors

- Hand held cutters including diamond wall chasers

- Tile, masonry, block, floor and road saws

For more details on the products available or for advice on the right equipment for your next project call the friendly, knowledgeable team on 0116 260 2601.