Five essential pieces of site equipment

Five essential pieces of site equipment

When you need to crack on and get the job done it can be frustrating to find you do not have the equipment or tools you need. To help you out we have come up with our top five essential pieces of site equipment. Check them out…

Mixer - In its distinctive orange, the Belle Minimix 150 is a site staple. Not only able to cope with heavy-duty use, the Minimix 150 is portable, making it a great asset on large sites. It saves time also with its large capacity drum that is able to mix a full barrow load.

Barrow - Every site needs a barrow, whether it is to move material where it is needed or just to keep the place tidy and safe to work in. When it comes to wheelbarrows there can really only be one choice – the Belle Warrior builders’ barrow. Its large adjustable wheel plate offers superior balance and with a 100-litre capacity, non-stick, extra-strong tray, the Belle is easy to clean, low noise and comes with a one-year warranty!

Diamond drill - If you need to drill through tough material, you need a drill that is up to the challenge. The Husqvarna DM340 is certainly that! Able to produce cores up to 400mm, it offers three-speeds and can be rig mounted. Suitable for wet drilling, the DM340 has been ergonomically designed to help prevent user fatigue.

Disc cutter - The K760 disc cutter from Husqvarna is extremely versatile and suitable for most cutting applications. Efficient, the new K760 is lighter than previous models, making it easier to use and for longer periods. It also offers improved fuel efficiency and low emissions as well as an improved wet cutting system to offer optimum dust control.

Block Saw - When it comes to making light work of cutting building materials you need a block saw that is up to the task. The Clipper Jumbo 651 is not only powerful and durable, it is compact, making it easier to transport around site. With two lockable wheels in can easily be located where it is needed and with a maximum cutting depth of 265mm it is great for larger material. An in-built water tank minimises dust.

To order, or for advice on the right equipment for your next project, call the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.