Five easy ways to boost business!

Five easy ways to boost business!

Running your own business can be tough; it almost inevitably means long hours and requires you to be everything from a marketing guru to an office manager – all on top of the day job!

However, for many people being their own boss brings a sense of freedom and control that they thrive on and so, for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, we have come up with a few ways that small businesses, including building firms, landscapers and groundwork companies, can boost their business….

BE CLEAR ON WHAT YOU DO – By being clear on what it is that your business offers you will find it easier to communicate this to your customers. Rather than being a jack-of-all-trades, could your business actually do better if you were a master of one? Ideally, you want your customers to trust in you and your expertise.

ADVERTISE – Letting potential customers know who you are and what you do is of course essential to any business, with big companies spending millions each year on everything from TV advertising to social media campaigns. As a small business, the budget will no doubt be much more modest, yet there are plenty of ways to get your business noticed without spending a fortune. For example, make use of free advertising; social media is an easy and effective way to reach many potential customers and its personal nature gives a sense of recommendation. Be sure to keep your website up to date and pack it with useful information. Update it with images of recent projects so potential customers can see how you work. Also, don’t discount traditional advertising such as phone books and directories, online versions are also popular. Adding livery to your company vehicles is another cheap way to get your name known and is especially beneficial for those operating a local business. Finally, keep records of all your customers and stay in contact, an email or letter every few months keeps your name fresh in their minds and may result in further business.

GIVE GREAT SERVICE – Whatever your business your customers will expect the very best service. Start as you mean to go on by responding quickly to any enquiries and be prompt in turning around paperwork such as quotes and invoices. Remember, word of mouth is very powerful so always leave your customers satisfied, if there is a problem, handle it professionally and quickly to minimise the complaint. Be sure to manage your customers’ expectations by being clear on what they will get from you and what the result will be, that way there are no surprises.

DO YOUR RESEARCH – Do you know your competitors? Are you competitively priced? Are you up to date with the latest trends or techniques? A little time spent looking at what others are doing and what is new within your industry could pay dividends when attracting new customers.

INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS - Every business needs investment, though when starting out, or during lean times, it can be tempting to pull back and minimise outlay, while this is a wise course of action in some respects, it could be that investing in, for example, new equipment, could open up a new customer base and boost workload. Having the right tools for the project at hand can also help save time, enabling you to turn projects around quicker and offer a more professional finish – pleasing your customers.

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