Do You Need a Ride on Mower?

Do You Need a Ride on Mower?

Working outdoors can be extremely satisfying, with the impact of your days’ work evident for all to see. However, if you are tasked with maintaining large grassed areas you may well feel that your time could be better spent than spending a couple of hours at a time keeping on top of the mowing. While push mowers undoubtedly have their place, when it comes to tackling large areas, then it is time to call in the big guns!

The Husqvarna range of ride on mowers has been designed to meet the needs of both the professional and the homeowner. Highly efficient, they can help save time, which means you are free to get on with the next task at hand. With every model ergonomically designed, you can be sure that whichever machine you choose, everything from the controls to the easy access fuel tank has been designed with the operator in mind.

The front mounted cutting deck on all Husqvarnas ensures the operator can always see, and therefore direct, exactly where they need to cut, this level of control ensures not only a high quality professional finish but minimises the safety risks.

For areas of anything upwards of 20sq metres (around the size of a tennis court), a ride on garden tractor is probably the way to go. Not only can these machines tackle large areas in less time than a push mower, the physical demands are minimal, reducing operator fatigue.

The Husqvarna TS38 for example is ideal for areas such as orchards and paddocks as well as large lawned areas. Easily stored, its compact design makes passing through tight spaces, such as gateways easier and it boasts high manoeuvrability. Featuring six steps of cutting height, mown grass is discharged from the side. Suitable for year-round use, it also features headlights and a powerful Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt AVS engine.

For those looking for something that can tackle larger areas, check out the powerful TC342. Extremely efficient, the rear discharging TC342 has been designed to cope with large grassed areas, including verges. With an uncut turning circle of just 70cm, it is highly manoeuvrable and powerful, thanks to a V-twin engine. Added features such as cruise control and an easy access fuel tank make using the TC342 easy and intuitive.

To make life even easier, there is a range of handy attachments available that are compatible with most Husqvarna ride-ons. The range includes sweepers, throw spreaders, a trailer and a lawn aerator.

For more details on the range of garden tractors available for professional and domestic use, call the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.