Diamonds are a drills best friend

Diamonds are a drills best friend

Power drills are a staple of every man’s tool kit, used by amateurs and professionals alike, they can be used for a wide variety of projects; from putting up shelves to building a shed.

For the professional tradesman who needs a drill which is capable of withstanding the toughest of conditions, then consider a diamond drill.

The ultimate in drills, the diamond drill is capable of making light work of even the toughest of jobs. Grinding away the material at a microscopic level, diamond drills utilise the strength of diamonds (the hardest material known) to be able to be used in heavy-duty construction applications.

Diamond drills are suitable for use on:

- Stone

- Reinforced concrete

- Brick

- Material 40+ on the Rockwell density scale

Whatever material you are drilling and whatever the size of the project it is essential that every safety precaution is taken. When drilling, debris such as dust, stone, brick or wood can become airborne so protective eyewear is a must. Goggles, rather than safety glasses may be a better alternative as they protect the eye from debris from all sides, rather that just the front.

When using a diamond drill dust should be well managed through the use of a vacuum pump or water tank.

Keeping dust to a minimum is now a mandatory requirement on construction sites.

When using powerful equipment such as diamond drills be sure to tuck any loose clothing in and remove any accessories (bracelets, necklaces etc) loose items could get caught in the drill and cause serious injury.

Before you begin work do a risk assessment to ascertain any potential hazards, for example if drilling near power cables has the electricity been isolated? However experienced you are with power tools, whenever buying new equipment always read the instructions. Not only with this help familiarise you with the machine but will also help minimise any safety risks.

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