Could a ride-on mower be the answer to your lawn maintenance woes?

Could a ride-on mower be the answer to your lawn maintenance woes?

While spring has been somewhat unpredictable in terms of the weather, hopes are high for a sun-filled summer! However, for gardeners, groundskeepers or homeowners with large properties, plenty of sunshine can mean only one thing – lots of mowing!

The summer months can quickly become consumed with constant mowing in order to keep fast-growing lawns looking neat and tidy. To help ensure lawns are kept healthy and looking great, while also manageable in terms of time, investing in a ride on mower such as a garden tractor or outfront rider could be the answer.

Ride on mowers offer many benefits, not only do they make less physical demands on the operator when compared to traditional mowers (great news on those hot summer days), but they also cover large areas in a fraction of the time and, depending on the model chosen, can be adapted using various attachments, such as a snow blade, for year-round use.

Our range of ride on mowers includes models from leading brand Husqvarna, such as the Rider Battery, which is perfect for smaller gardens. Low noise, up to 90 minutes of run time and no emissions, the Rider is an effective way to tackle lawn maintenance. For those with larger garden areas to cover there is the Husqvarna 316T (300 series). Designed to be easy to use, the 316T is fitted with a premium Kawasaki FS V-Twin engine which ensures it delivers on power, performance and manoeuvrability.

Of course, not every layout is standard and for those areas with high groundcare demands, there is the Husqvarna 422TS AWD. With its ability to accept larger combi cutting decks, the 422TS AWD is able to offer increased ground capability and can help to boost productivity. Ergonomically designed for optimum operator comfort and use, the 422TS AWD has been designed to tackle large, complex areas, including those with slopes or banks. You can see the 422TS AWD in action by booking your FREE demonstration, call the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.

Also suitable for large areas and estates is the Husqvarna TS346 garden tractor. Side discharging, with its Husqvarna specification V-Twin engine, the durable TS346 has been designed for optimum power and performance. Boasting excellent manoeuvrability and an uncut turning circle of just 81cm, the TS346 is ideal for grassed areas that undulate, slope or bank as well as large spaces.

To make life even easier, we also supply a wide range of towed accessories that will help maximise your garden tractor’s functionality. Our towed accessories include, the Husqvarna trailer, sweepers in a choice of capacities, throw spreaders for large or small areas, drop spreader, ballast roller, moss rake, gravel harrow and lawn aerator. For more information or to place an order, call the team on 0116 260 2601.