Buying electric chainsaws or petrol chainsaws

Buying electric chainsaws or petrol chainsaws

When buying forest and garden machinery such as chainsaws, trimmers and leaf blowers, consumers are often faced with the choice of battery-powered vs petrol or diesel.

Electric chainsaws tend to be perceived as cleaner and more modern than those that rely on a fuelled engine, but there are still some major advantages to using petrol machines.

The classic sound of a chainsaw familiar to most of us is the sound of a petrol engine delivering power to the blades at the press of a trigger. This is still a preferred choice of operation for many, chiefly because of the extra power needed for more heavy-duty logging and forestry work. However, many of the modern battery-powered machines have improved levels of power, and in that sense can really compete with the traditionally-preferred petrol mix types.

Aside from traditional petrol chainsaws, the highest torque you can get in a chainsaw is from an electrical model that plugs into the mains. Mains-powered electrical items are always more powerful than battery-operated, but there is an extra hazard and inconvenience from the electrical cable.

It could be argued that the apparent disadvantage of having less power on a battery-operated machine is actually an advantage, because of the relative ease of operation. A large amount of power inevitably means more weight and that it requires more effort to operate. The lighter weight profile of battery-powered machines is also conducive to easier work.

If you are buying forest and garden machinery and need to choose between electric, battery, petrol and diesel, it is a good idea to ask a good retailer. Husqvarna’s forest and garden equipment is available in each power type, so reaching out to an authorised Husqvarna UK dealer is a useful way to get free advice on the subject.