Autumn is here; time to tackle those leaf piles!

Autumn is here; time to tackle those leaf piles!

At this time of year there can only be one culprit when it comes to making gardens and landscaped areas look untidy – leaves!

While trees may look picturesque as their leaves begin to turn autumnal shades of brown, red and gold, once they start to fall the clean-up job can be a pain.

Of course, fallen leaves don’t just look messy, they can present a health and safety hazard too. Wet leaves can become slippery which can lead to nasty falls and slips. What’s more, great piles of fallen leaves could hide potential hazards so their quick removal is essential.

While a rake is sufficient for a small area, for large areas or professionals maintaining a number of spaces, a more efficient solution is required. A leaf blower can quickly and effectively move all fallen leaves into one area, making pick up and removal easy.

Our top tips when using a leaf blower:

Always wear PPE; eye and ear protection is a must.

Walk slowly using a back and forth motion, aim to work with any wind by keeping it at your back.

Decide where you want the debris to end up and start at the edges working in to that point.

Here at Red Band we stock a wide range of leaf blowers, including those suitable for commercial use. Choose from petrol or battery-powered models, such as the Husqvarna 536LiB. Powered by a long-lasting Li-ion battery pack, the 536LiB delivers a professional standard performance. Thanks to its battery pack, the 536LiB is also low noise, which means it can be used in highly populated areas without disturbing residents. Also great for areas where noise disruption must be kept to a minimum is the Husqvarna 356BTX, a petrol-powered blower that has been designed specifically to offer reduced noise levels. Worn on the back, this blower features an encased engine, which essentially acts to muffle engine noise. With low vibration, cruise control and air purge to make starting the engine even easier, it is a great asset for any professional gardener or landscaper.

Our blower range also includes blowers suitable for residential use. For more details on any of the blowers in our range or for advice on choosing the right blower for your needs, call the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.