Are you looking for an electric tile saw?

Are you looking for an electric tile saw?

Durable and long lasting, tiles are a popular addition to any home and are particularly suited to kitchens and bathrooms as they are waterproof and resistant to mould. With the current property market being less than buoyant, homeowners are looking more to invest in their current property rather than move. This means with every new extension, loft conversion or general home improvement comes a requirement for professional tiling.

If you are a professional tiler you will no doubt have your preference on the type of tile cutter you prefer to use. For many tilers electric tile saws are extremely popular, this is because electric tile saws offer accurate cut lines with less tile chips, making cutting quick and efficient. What’s more with an electric tile saw odd shapes and L cuts can be easily achieved.

Electric tile cutters also make light work of thick tiles such as Travertine or marble; material that non-electric tiles cutters often struggle with.

Here are our top three electric tile saws from Red Band:

Check out the JM230, it is a general purpose tile saw offering high-performance wet cutting. The JM230 comes complete with a diamond blade for superior cuts. Powered by 110V electric charge, the motor size is 880W and its maximum cutting depth is 35mm. For a limited time only the JM230 is on offer with a free folding stand! Call Redband on 0116 260 2601 to make the most of this great offer!

Perfect for large floor tiles, roof tiles and even concrete slabs is the MB65. A tough bridge saw, it has a swivel mounted cutting head and offers a maximum cutting depth of 110mm, making light work of even the thickest of materials.

Available in a choice of 110v, 220V or 415V is the MB100 which offers a max cutting length of 1 metre along with a cutting depth of 110mm. It makes it easy to cut all kinds of tiles including thick floor tiles, roof tiles and natural stone.

Redband electric tile saws are all British made and are backed by full after sales support. In addition to the Redband brand we also have Husqvarna and Clipper electric tile saws in stock. For more details on our range of electric tile saws please call 0116 260 2601.