All you need is the Husqvarna K760

All you need is the Husqvarna K760

With planning restrictions becoming increasingly tighter and developable land hard to find, property developers are finding it difficult to get projects approved and started.

For many developers looking to build properties, they find themselves building on smaller plots, usually created from the demolition of the previous property. On these parcels of land one or two properties may be the maximum that can fit, so to maximise profit, developers need to ensure the builds are going to achieve the ceiling price for the area.

"the Husqvarna K760 diesel –power cutter is needed"

One such way is to build properties that are sympathetic to the area and either blend with other properties in neighbouring streets or by using local stone, slate or brick work.

In building in such a way the properties are likely to standout from others on the market and create the much needed wow factor which is essential to reaching the asking price in this tough housing market.

When working with natural stone the process can be time-consuming when compared to bricks, which a competent bricklayer can lay quickly and uniformly. When using natural stone cutting the material to size can be tricky and the right equipment such as the Husqvarna K760 diesel –power cutter is needed.

"light work"

The Husqvarna K760 can make light work of cutting stone work and thanks to its suppression qualities dust is kept to a minimum.

Once built, equipment such as the Husqvarna K760 power cutter can be used to cut through concrete walls and floors to create cable and pipework channels ready for second stage fitting.

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