A quick guide to choosing a chainsaw

A quick guide to choosing a chainsaw

Investing in any new piece of equipment requires careful thought, being stuck with something that is hard to use or isn’t fit for purpose can make for a unproductive and frustrating working week.

Take for example chainsaws; there are a number of options available, so how do you decide the best one for your needs? Well, we have come up with a few tips on things to look for to ensure you choose the right chainsaw for the job…

●Easy start – Make life easier by opting for a chainsaw that reduces the effort needed to start it. The AIRPURGE feature on Husqvarna models pre-primes the carburettor to reduce the number of starting pulls.

●Bar length – The type of work you do will decide the bar length you need. If your work varies, look for one with interchangeable bar lengths, such as the Husqvarna 365, it can be changed from 18” to 20” and 24”.

●Low vibration–Choosing a chainsaw with low vibration is great news in terms of health and safety and user comfort.

●Power source – There are three ways to power a chainsaw: petrol, electric or Li-ion battery. Each has it merits and choosing one over another is dependent on the amount and type of use your chainsaw will get. The Husqvarna T536LiXP for example uses a Li-ion battery that is efficient and powerful and ideal for those working with a chainsaw all-day, every day.

●Weight – A lightweight chainsaw allows for greater ease of use and offers less user fatigue. Look out also for a chainsaw that is well balanced, as this will give greater control and an ergonomic design will improve grip and reduce stress on the operator’s body.

●Durability – Let’s face it, your new chainsaw probably won’t look new for long so opt for a chainsaw that is robust enough to cope, this needn’t make it heavy or cumbersome to use, it should simply be designed to withstand the rigours of working life.

Choosing a brand you can trust is another good way of ensuring the chainsaw you purchase is reliable and up to the task. Here at Red Band we supply chainsaws from leading construction equipment manufacturer, Husqvarna. With a reputation for quality and innovation, our range of Husqvarna chainsaws includes the 236 14”, which is perfect for occasional use such as pruning up to the T540XP which is for professional use on heavy-duty projects.

Whenever working with equipment such as a chainsaw always take proper safety precautions. This includes high visibility clothing, eye protection, ear defenders and gloves.

To find out more about the Red Band range of chainsaws, call a member of the knowledgeable team on 0116 260 2601.