A low-tech way to get a high quality finish

A low-tech way to get a high quality finish

By today’s standards, concrete finishing tools are low-tech; operated by hand, there is no touch screen start or downloadable app to monitor progress and yet used properly, the right concrete finishing tool can deliver a high quality, professional finish.

Whatever the size and scale of project, working with concrete can have its challenges, choosing finishing tools that not only offer the desired finish, but also that are easy to use and durable, can help make working with concrete much easier.

To help you choose the right tools for your next project, we have come up with our top five concrete finishing tools…

1. Red Band Magnesium Bull Float

As essential piece of concreting kit, this high quality bull float has been designed with the user in mind. Made from extruded magnesium it is lightweight, making movement across the concrete surface easy. It is also durable, able to stand up to the rigours of site life. With a curved (or bull nosed) blade, lap marks and surface damage can be avoided.

2. Red Band Fresno Broom

For a textured finish this high quality broom is ideal. As you would expect from Red Band, we have considered every detail, which is why the blade is curved to prevent unwanted marks. The brush attachment offers a medium textured finish.

3. Channel Radius Float

Equipped with a twin-edge blade, our channel radius float not only trims away concrete that is sitting too high, but it also fills in low parts and smooth as it goes – truly multi-tasking! With its 10 ft span and swivel knucklehead design, moving the float across large areas of wet concrete it easy.

4. Red Band Big Blue Glider Trowel

When surface finish really matters, the Red Band Big Blue Glider Trowel is up to the task. Made from carbon fibre steel it delivers an extremely smooth finish, in many cases eliminating the need for further power floating. Easy to use, it can easily be stored away to transport from job to job.

5. Red Band Texas Concrete Placer

We all know that when working with concrete, every second counts! With this Texas Concrete Placer, wet concrete can quickly be placed into position and with less effort than with shovels and rakes.

As with any equipment to prolong their usable life and ensure they function at optimum levels they must be maintained. When it comes to concrete finishing tools this means keeping them clean. Finishing tools covered with dust or hardened concrete will never offer the finish you need for a professional job. Therefore, Belle-Clean Concrete Dissolver is the perfect addition to any tool kit. Useable on everything from mixers to floats; it removes cured concrete, mortar, grout and cement, without creating any nasty odours or fumes! 100% biodegradable, Belle- Cleaner is tough on concrete but kind to the environment.

In addition to concrete finishing tools, our comprehensive concreting range also includes site mixers, including the distinctive orange Belle mixer, vibrating pokers, screeds, hand tamps, roller strikers and power floats. For more details or to place an order, call the team on 0116 260 2601 or email [email protected]