A guide to choosing your next compaction equipment

A guide to choosing your next compaction equipment

Effective compaction is the cornerstone of any building project, whether it is a new patio, a new house or a new road, the ground must be properly compacted in order to provide a stable support for the structure’s foundations. With such an important job, it is essential that the right equipment be used in order to achieve thorough and proper compaction from the outset. Compactors can be used for projects both large and small and not only ensure a suitable base is created, but get the job done quickly and professionally, freeing you up to take on the next task.

If you are looking for compaction equipment for your business, there are a number of options available, depending on the type of work you undertake. If much of your work involves building patios and driveways, then a smaller, lightweight model that is easily transportable from site to site is a good option. When choosing your model look out for features such as multi-purpose plate design, self-cleaning base plate and a fold flat handle to allow for easy storage and transportation.

If you intend for your compaction equipment to take on tougher challenges you will no doubt require features such as reduced vibration to protect users from Hand/Arm vibration, heavy-duty housings, crack resistant tamping plates and in the case of rammers, filtration systems for air and fuel.

Here at Redband we have a wide range of compaction equipment available, starting with models such as the Belle Minipac (DIY) Compaction Plate that is perfect for DIY projects or rentals thanks to its compact size and easy manoeuvrability. At the other end of the scale and for tough projects, check out the Belle RPC 60/80D, which is a heavy duty reversible plate compactor and has been designed to be at home in even the toughest site conditions.

Categorized into three areas; plate compactors, reversible plates and rammers, our range includes models from leading brands such as MBW and Belle. The range includes models to suit all project types with compactors of varying plate size, engine type, centrifugal force and vibration level available.

If you would like more advice on choosing the right compaction equipment for your business call a member of the Redband team on 0116 260 2601 who will be happy to help.