12 Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Tools and Equipment

12 Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Tools and Equipment

When you rely on tools and equipment to get the job done, keeping them in tip top condition is essential, after all your livelihood depends on them. However, when you are busy it can be easy to leave cleaning or maintaining your tools for another day, or put off replacing less than useful equipment to a time when you are not so busy. Yet, prioritising your tools and equipment makes great business sense, not only will the right equipment enable you to undertake the task at hand to a high standard, but they will also help you work more efficiently too; maximising your time.

To help keep your tools and equipment in best working condition be sure to:

Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.

Ensure that any person tasked with maintaining equipment is competent to do so.

Keep them clean and rust free.

Store them away properly, this is particularly important for tools such as landscaping and gardening equipment that may only be used seasonally.

Sharpen your tools every few months to ensure they deliver the performance you require.

Of course, no matter how well you care and maintain your landscaping or construction equipment, when used everyday at a professional standard they will eventually need replacing.

We have come up with 12 tell-tale signs that it is time to invest in new tools/equipment…

1. Your site mixer is so encrusted with old concrete it is almost a sculpture.

2. Tiling a bathroom becomes a master class in mosaics as your tile cutter cracks every tile.

3. The only thing you can rely on your equipment to do is break down

4. It is definitely time to change if using a piece of equipment creates a risk to health & safety, such as broken guards or damage to the power supply.

5. Your power tool’s power unit is cracked or damaged – don’t use it; better to be safe than sorry.

6. The handle of your spade leaves you with splinters.

7. It’s quicker to shift material by hand than rely on your wobbly, puncture prone wheelbarrow.

8. There’s no teeth left on your saw.

9. It’s mostly rust holding your tools together.

10. Your crosshead screwdriver has long since given up and now just leaves you feeling cross.

11. If your business has grown or adapted, there may be tools and equipment better suited to the type of work you now do.

12. If your current equipment is uncomfortable to use you should consider changing it, when working with tools and equipment that could, potentially, cause injury it is important to be comfortable and secure using them. When switching be sure to look for equipment that has been ergonomically designed and minimises exposure to vibration.

When looking to upgrade your tools and equipment be sure to look for special offers or deals such as a free diamond blade supplied with your new disc cutter or free delivery.

A great way to reduce costs when purchasing new equipment is to opt for battery power, with the Husqvarna forestry and garden range of hand held battery products, one battery pack fits a variety of equipment, saving money. What’s more, the Husqvarna battery series boasts exceptional performance along with reduced noise, vibration and emissions.

If you are unsure of the tools and equipment available on the market, it is always useful to speak with an expert, such as the Red Band team who can advise and guide you on the latest tools and equipment and help you find the right equipment for your needs, call the team on 0116 260 2601 for more details.