Altrad Belle Roller Striker Tube

The Altrad Belle range of roller striker tubes are designed for use with their Roller Striker drive handle kit.

Tube lengths available range from 12ft (3.66m) to 26ft (7.92m) in 2ft increments and therefore sufficient to cover a wide variety of applications.

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MPN Tube Length (ft) Tube Length (m) Weight Delivery?
129.0.012 12 3.66 43kg Yes
129.0.014 14 4.27 50kg Yes
129.0.016 16 4.88 57kg Yes
129.0.018 18 5.49 64kg Yes
129.0.020 20 6.1 70kg Yes
129.0.022 22 6.71 77kg Yes
129.0.024 24 7.32 84kg Yes
129.0.026 26 7.92 91kg Yes


Concrete roller strikers are highly regarded for their speed and efficiency over other more conventional screeding methods. They are also considered to be less labour intensive too.

Different tube lengths are available and they are easily interchangeable. You can buy the drive handle assembly at the same time using the dropdown menu above.