Belle PCX 13/40E+ Battery Powered Plate Compactor

The Belle PCX13/40E 16 inch battery plate compactor is a high performance, emission free, environmentally friendly, variable speed, lithium Ion powered, professional compaction plate, suitable for both indoor/outdoor use and in poorly ventilated, or noise sensitive areas.

The user benefits of this new generation battery plate are many versus conventional petrol powered compactors; easy pushbutton operation, reduced noise levels, significantly lower operating costs, low HAV, greatly reduced maintenance. You may not however consider a battery compaction plate to have the capability of producing the same, matched high performance of its petrol powered equivalent (13kN, 20m/min), without the same environmental impact.

The PCX13/40E features a single switch operation that facilitates incredibly easy starting (no choke or recoil start) and a simple, 3-speed push-button selector, allowing quick and easy speed change to suit changing ground conditions. It is powered by the new generation, highly efficient Honda eGX brushless motor and lithium ion battery system, the battery from which can also be used to power other eGX powered products.

The price is based on the machine only, but you can purchase a battery and charger using the dropdown options.

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PCX 13/40E  

Motor Power 2.2Hp/1.6kW
Plate Size (W x L)

400 x 606mm

Static Pressure 560kg/m²
Centrifugal Force 13kN
Travel Speed 20m/min
Vibration Level 2.5m/sec²
Weight 89kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1,769.00

Features & Benefits

  • Heavyweight, high performance, professional battery plate compactor with 13kN vibration unit and excellent travel speed (20 m/min)
  • Simple, single switch operation which facilitates easy starting (no choke, pull start or recoil assembly)
  • 3-speed pushbutton selector, allowing variable and controllable interchangeable operating speeds
  • Low operating noise levels, ideal for use in noise sensitive areas
  • Robust protective battery cover with steel sub-frame and integrated battery power level viewing window
  • Li-ion Honda battery fully interchangeable with other Honda eGX powered products
  • Reinforced centrifugal clutch which provides simplified belt adjustment and longer belt life
  • Life lubricated vibration bearings
  • No engine or carburettor to service or maintain, greatly reducing downtimes and many associated service/repair costs
  • Folding handle provides ease of storage transportation and superior manoeuvrability, especially under and around obstacles
  • Lifting points and front lift cage facilitates easy loading and unloading
  • Optional water tank available (9.5 litre capacity)
  • Easily positioned spraybar, fully protected from damage with integral paving pad clamp points
  • Angled holes on spray bar allow complete water coverage over the full width preventing any asphalt pick-up on baseplate