Belle PCX Low Vib Compaction Plate

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The Belle PCX is a robust, high performance, heavyweight, petrol powered compaction plate, with low Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) and very high compaction performance.

The PCX has been designed with a shorter base plate to offer IMPROVED compaction, superior manoeuvrability and finish.

The PCX has life lubricated vibration bearings, and a reinforced centrifugal clutch which increases belt life and simplifies belt adjustment.

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  PCX 60A Petrol  PCX 12/36 Petrol PCX 13/40 Petrol PCX 20/45 Petrol PCX 20/50 Petrol
MPN PCU02 FC3600E FC4000E FC4500E FC5000E
Engine Honda GX120 Honda GX120 Honda GX120 Honda GX160 Honda GX160
Engine Power 4Hp/3kW 4Hp/3kW 4Hp/3kW 5.5Hp/4kW 5.5Hp/4kW
Plate Size (W x L)

350 x 400mm

360 x 606mm

400 x 606mm 450 x 696mm 500 x 696mm
Static Pressure 586kg/m2 586kg/m2 520kg/m2 455kg/m2 501kg/m2
Centrifugal Force 11kN 12.25kN 13kN 20kN 20kN
Travel Speed 25m/min 20m/min 20m/min 26m/min 25m/min
Vibration Level 4.9m/sec2 4.74m/sec2 3.20m/sec2 3.50m/sec2 3.50m/sec2



83.5kg 91kg 97kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £915.00 £875.00 £888.00 £895.00 £999.00

Product Information

Belle are famous for their compaction equipment, with a universal focus on performance, comfort and economy. These machines are excellent for compacting aggregate, soil and other ground composition with varying levels of density.

 Low Hand Arm Vibration (HAV)

• Wrap around frame providing ultimate engine protection 
• Multiple lifting points

*Block paving pad, water spray system and detachable wheel kit available as optional extras, which can improve efficiency on compaction jobs.

You can purchase a detachable wheel kit for all options above, or the PCX 20/45 and 20/50 models can be fitted with a fixed wheel kit. Check the dropdown menus before you add to basket.