Altrad Belle 20” PCX 17/50A Plate Compactor - Petrol

The Belle PCX17/50A is a fast-operating single direction compaction plate designed ultimately for compacting asphalt and Macadam surfaces.

This high performance plate features a specially engineered tapered ‘Delta’ baseplate which has a small turning radius and helps to avoid ‘Track’ marks on hot asphalt surfaces. It is extremely accurate, productive, easy to manoeuvre and use.

It has is additionally equipped with a reliable Honda engine, a strong protective tubular frame, a heavy-duty remote throttle, a low HAV operating handle with incorporated Pull-Back bar and quick locating latch for improved user handling, an integrated 12 litre capacity water tank, highly accurate water distribution from the incorporated spraybar, a durable metallic water control tap for high flow rate and a ‘quick engage’ wheel kit with large diameter wheels to aid transportation on rough terrain, as well to and around site

PCX 17/50A (Honda Petrol) - (4.0Hp/3.0kW). 500mm wide. 15kN centrifugal force. 24 m/min travel speed. 89kg.

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  PCX 17/50A
Engine Honda GX160 Petrol
Nett Power 4.0Hp/3.0kW
Plate Size 500 x 540mm (W x L)
Width 500mm
Length - Storage 995mm
Length - Operating 1065mm
Static Pressure 485kg/m²
Centrifugal Force 15kN
Travel Speed 24m/min
Vibration Level 2.7m/sec²**
Weight 89kg
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**OPERC independent testing/vibration levels tested to BS5349 using EN5


PCX 17/50A
A - Width 500mm
B - Length - Operating 960mm
C - Height - Operating 975mm
Length - Storage 1025mm
Height - Storage 685mm


The Belle PCX range consists of 9 standard models, the midweight 14” PCX60A (PCU02) , heavyweight 14” PCX12/36 (FC3600E) and 16” PCX13/40 (FC4000E), the battery-powered 16” PCX13/40E+ (FC4050), the high performance 18” PCX16/45 (MC4501) and 20” PCX46/50 (MC4551), together with the 20” PCX17/50A (PCA01) designed specifically for asphalt and Macadam surfaces and the flagship of the range, the 18” PCX20/45 (FC4500E) and 20” PCX20/50 (FC5000E).

All PCX plates are engineered to be robust, durable and withstand the rigours of rental and heavy contractor usage. They feature multiple handling lift points and front lift cage for easier loading and unloading.

They are additionally equipped with a protected spraybar which is easy to position and integral paving pad clamp points. Angled holes on the spraybar allow complete water coverage over the full width preventing any material pick-up on the plate bottom. Optional water kits (9.5 litre water tank and fittings), paving pads and transport wheel kits are also available to buy as extras.

*The PCX17/50A differs slightly from other plates within the PCX range in that it is supplied with an Quick-Engage wheel kit and a large 12 litre water tank as standard and has been ultimately designed for the productive compaction of asphalt and Macadam surfaces.