Belle Maximix 140 Cement Mixer -Honda Petrol

Belle Maximix 140 Cement Mixer -Honda Petrol

Replacement Stand for Belle Minimix 150 Mixer

Replacement Stand for Belle Minimix 150 Mixer

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer -Honda Petrol

The Belle Minimix 150 is extremely portable, easy to use, easy to store, and can be used on or off its barrow height swivel stand. This iconic mixer is designed to mix a full barrow load of concrete or mortar.

The Minimix 150 is robust and features an extra thick drum with quick mix paddles, and a heavy-duty sealed cast gearbox for longer life. The video below shows how easy it is to assemble.

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£768.00 £640.00
RRP from £902.40 Inc. VAT


Engine Honda GX120 Petrol
Power 4Hp/2.9kW
Maximum Drum Capacity 130ltr
Mixing Capacity 90ltr
Drum Speed 24rpm
Paddle Type 2 x Rapid mix
Weight (without stand) 61kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £640.00

The Minimix 150 is a heavy duty site mixer designed for professional and rental use, and is the ideal portable, robust and proven solution for mixing concrete and mortar.

The Honda engine features a variable throttle and delivers the power and performance you need for job after job. The heavy-duty gearbox on the Minimix is built to last.

Few products earn the revered honour of being defined as iconic, and instantly synonymous with the application/duty they perform. 

The Belle Minimix 150 is one of those exceptions, recognised and respected around the world, and the machine most automatically picture when they think of a site mixer. The quintessential image of a building site isn't complete without this iconic cement mixer in the classic shade of Safety Orange. Drum mixers from Altrad Belle are famous around the world for a reason: superb quality and value.