Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer - 230V Electric

The Minimix 150 is famous for its simple but efficient design, robust build quality and superb reliability.

If you've seen an orange cement mixer on site it's likely to be a Minimix as it is the Coca-Cola of site mixers.

With a wheelbarrow-height swivel stand, the Minimix works in perfect harmony with Belle's Warrior barrow.

The robust and proven design of the Belle Minimix 150 gives it a reputation as the best cement mixer on the market,and the thick drum and quick mix paddles makes it ideal for all small to medium building projects

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Motor 230V Electric
Power 0.75Hp/0.55kW
Maximum Drum Capacity 130ltr
Mixing Capacity 90ltr
Drum Speed 24rpm
Paddle Type 2 x Rapid mix
Weight (without stand) 55.5kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £445.00

The 230V Belle Minimix has a 90 litre mixing capacity which comfortably allows a 3-bag mix. With a sturdy, thick metal drum and well-engineered components, the Minimix is designed to provide years of service.

The Minimix is ideally partnered with a wheelbarrow, thanks to the swivel stand at barrow-height.