Belle Maximix 140 Cement Mixer -110V Electric

Belle Maximix 140 Cement Mixer -110V Electric

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer -110V Electric

The Belle Minimix 150, complete with stand, is the definitive portable site mixer that is universally recognisable in the industry.

The Minimix is an iconic design and is the quintessential cement mixer used on sites the world over. Sometimes the original is the best, and in this case the tried and tested design of the Belle Minimix is so enduring that it continues to be the number one choice for millions of concreting professionals.


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Motor 110V Electric
Power 0.75Hp/0.55kW
Maximum Drum Capacity 130ltr
Mixing Capacity 90ltr
Drum Speed 24rpm
Paddle Type 2 x Rapid mix
Weight (without stand) 55.5kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £470.00

The Minimix 150 cement mixer is designed to mix a full wheelbarrow-load of cement or mortar. It can be used with or without its swivel stand which is the perfect height for use alongside a wheelbarrow. 

The extra thick drum on the Belle Minimix is sturdier than most, and the gearbox is cast in a heavy duty housing for longer life.