Belle Bulldog Hydraulic Power Pack and BHB25XS

Belle Bulldog 20-140 Hyd Pack and BHB25XS Low Vib Breaker (Package)

Husqvarna PP325 40L Hydraulic Power Pack -415V Electric

Husqvarna PP325 40L Hydraulic Power Pack -415V Electric

Belle Major Hydraulic Power Pack

The Belle Major hydraulic power pack is an economical, highly portable, highly versatile and efficient on-site power source.

Hydraulic power is 3 times more efficient than typical pneumatic systems, and are commonly used to drive/power hydraulic breakers, roller strikers, hydraulic submersible pumps, and a wide variety of other hydraulically powered tools.We recommend use with the Belle BHB27S breaker.

Belle Major hydraulic power packs have an excellent power to weight ratio, is compact enough to be transported in estate cars and small vans, and is fitted with wheels to make it easier to transport on site.  

£2,820.00 £2,350.00
RRP from £4,496.40 Inc. VAT
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  Major 30 140
Engine Honda Petrol
Engine Power 13Hp/9.6kW
Pressure 140bar
Flow 30l/min
Weight 72kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £2350.00

The Belle Major hydraulic power pack is petrol powered, have a rigid and durable chassis, a convenient hose storage position and lifting-eye incorporated into the protection frame, and a low hydraulic oil cut out, designed to protect tools and the system pump. 

Hydraulic packs from Altrad Belle are also supplied complete with a removable a set of braided Siamese hydraulic hoses, making it easier to transport and store. Removable hose sets are also easier to change and replace if damaged.