Altrad Belle Maxi 140 4/3 Cement Mixer

The Belle Maximix 140 is an extra heavy-duty upright mixer designed to withstand the rigours of heavy site use and designed for professional and rental use alike.

It features a large tipping wheel fitted with a wheel mechanism for added operator control whilst tipping and barrow height tipping on either side for added convenience and productivity, whilst its integrated stand provides both stability and a conducive working height.

This robust multipurpose mixer features an extra heavy-duty gearbox design for longer life and minimal maintenance, together with a protective metal housing for its electric motor or petrol engine for added operator safety.

The Belle Maxi 140 is available with a choice of 1phase electric motors (230 or 110V) or with a Honda petrol engine.

Maximix 140 MA04 (230V 1ph) - (0.75Hp/0.55kW). Ideal for connection to a standard domestic power supply. Minimum 13A supply.

Maximix 140 MA02 (110V 1ph) - (0.75Hp/0.55kW). Ideal for site use. Minimum 1.5kVA continuous or 3kVA intermittent supplySee our transformer guide for more info.

Maximix 140 MA05 (Honda Petrol) - (4.0Hp/2.9kW). Ideal for virgin sites, use in remote locations or areas with no access to a suitable power source.

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  Maximix 140 230V Maximix 140 110V Maximix 140 Honda
MPN MA04 MA02 MA05
Motor/Engine 230V Electric 110V Electric Honda Petrol
Fuse 13A (1-phase) 16A (1-phase) n/a
Minimum Transformer n/a 1.5kVA Continuous or 3kVA intermittent* n/a
Power 0.75Hp/0.55kW 0.75Hp/0.55kW 4.0Hp/2.9kW
Maximum Drum Capacity 130ltr 130ltr 130ltr
Drum Speed 22rpm 22rpm 22rpm
Paddle Type 2 x Rapid Mix 2 x Rapid Mix 2 x Rapid Mix
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1192 x 840 x 1324mm 1192 x 840 x 1324mm 1192 x 840 x 1324mm
Weight 86.5kg 86.5kg 90kg
Noise Level 84dB 84dB 92dB
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £924.00 £919.00 £1,152.00

*See our transformer guide for more info.

The Maxi 140 features a 130 litre capacity drum and a 90 litre mixing capacity, sufficient to mix a barrow load of concrete or mortar.

Dispensing the mix is easy too, with barrow height tipping capability of the mixer on either side and a large tipping wheel with a fitted wheel mechanism that provides added control of the tipping action.

The Maxi features two large rubber wheels to aid movement to and around together with an oppositely positioned lift handle. It also features an extra thick drum with Rapid mix paddles which are designed to provide quick, efficient and thorough mixing results every time, together with a sealed cast gearbox for longer life.

As you would expect from the world leader in Light Construction Equipment, the Altrad Belle Maxi 140 is market, industry and site proven to provide reliable mixing performance time and time again.

Single phase electric models additionally feature NVR (No Volt Release) safety power switch and the motors themselves, sealed to IP 45.

It is the perfect mixer for use with its sister product, the now iconic Belle Warrior wheelbarrow.